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The Panmure Dentists have provided dental services to the community since 1954. We have friendly and experienced Dentists who will provide honest and prompt service.

There is no need to be afraid of visiting the dentist and no good reason to put off making that appointment. The Panmure Dentists offer a quality of service that will exceed your expectations.

We provide the full spectrum of dental care from cleaning and polishing, fillings and extractions, including impacted wisdom teeth, to root canals, implants and full mouth rehabilitations. The Panmure Dentists will provide you with a functional solution and an improved cosmetic appearance.

The Panmure Dentists team comprises Dr Alice Bahjet, Dr Leenke Heunis, Dr Joel Bagadam, Dr Saud Ibrahim and Dr Mei Wang.

We believe that prevention is better than cure, and they promote good dental hygiene which is a fundamental component of preventive dentistry. Preventive care minimises your risk of developing tooth decay and gum disease, thereby helping you to keep your teeth healthy throughout your life. It is never too late or too early in life to begin good dental hygiene.

Your smile is an essential ingredient of your self-confidence. The team at The Panmure Dentists take great satisfaction in restoring people’s self -esteem by creating dream smiles using state of the art technology.

For patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist we have sedation available to choose from: oral sedation, nitrous oxide (happy gas) or intravenous sedation. Intravenous sedation is used for oral surgery, it produces a “twilight sleep” where the patient is still awake and can respond, but is very relaxed and feels no pain. Patients do not remember their time under sedation and there are no lingering after effects.

Meet Our Dentists

Dr. Alice Bahjet

Dr. Joel Bagadam

Dr. Joel Bagadam

Dr. Jesse Bagadam


Alice graduated from University of Baghdad in 1987-migrated to New Zealand in 1995 and started working in the dental field. Since 1996 she is registered with The Dental Council and a member of the NZ Dental Association.

She has been working at the Panmure Dentists since 2001 and her special interests are cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening and family dentistry.

Alice’s experience, confidence, practical and straightforward approaches to her patients are easy to cope with being seated in the dental chair. She always works closely in cooperation with her patients in order to bring the best options for her patients’ particular needs.

Dr. Alice Bahjet

Dr. Alice Bahjet

Dr. Joel Bagadam

Dr. Joel Bagadam

Joel Bagadam graduated in year 1987 from Osmana University, Hyderabad,AP State India with the MDS post graduate degree in oral surgery.

He immigrated to New Zealand in 1996and since he is registered with the Dental Council here in New Zealand and he is a member of the NZ Dental Association.

Joel also works as the Dental Surgeon at the Middlemore Hospital. He has special interests in dental surgeries,wisdom teeth extractions and implants.

His experience goes along with hiscalm and personable approach that puts patients at ease.

Graduated in 2016 after completing BDSc atCharles Sturt University, NSW, Australia 

Jesse enjoys all aspects of dentistry and in particular has a special interest in restorative dentistry as well as oral surgery.

He has had experience at Auckland hospital after doing a year of rotation dealing with dental and medical emergencies and treatment.
Jesse takes pride in all his work and loves meeting all types of people. 
In his spare time he enjoys going to the gym and playing sport.

Dr. Jesse Bagadam

Dr. Jesse Bagadam