Crowns & Bridges

Here at Panmure dentists we provide crowns & bridges for our patients, and we can use Crowns to change shapes, colour or position of teeth or to provide a strong long-term restoration for teeth with large fillings, or recurrent fracture a particular tooth.


Before                                   After


Before                                   After

Crowns for larger filings or fractured teeth

A very common problems that all adults are facing today is the fact that dentistry has shown them how to keep their gums healthy so that they can keep their teeth for the rest of their lives, what can they do when their teeth begin to wear out on the surface? Well for most people, when the teeth are not sturdy enough to hold a filling larger than what's already in them, the teeth begin to crack and chip and deteriorate.

Look to this young man whose front teeth were breaking down. He decided that he needed to have something more permanent placed on his teeth, so crowns were done.


Before                                   After


Before                                   After

Bridges can be provided here at Panmure dentist to replace missing or lost teeth

Bridges for lost or missing teeth

Losing a tooth or teeth in an accident is another common problem that many of us face. The young man pictured below was complaining of some pain in a front tooth. He knew that it was loose and it had been for a long time. After reviewing the X-ray, it was decided to remove the problematic tooth and to place a removable bridge.
The space next to the bad tooth has been there for over ten years.


Before,  After removal of offending tooth,  After placement of bridge

He was amazed that we could have given him such a great result in such a short period of time!

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